Whether you are interested in preparing physically and emotionally for The Big Day, or mentally for another Big Year at work, a tailored practice will enable you to use the tools of yoga in a way that a general class never could.

Annebelle will consult with you about your goals, both physical and personal and then create a practice to suit. This can be developed over time as your flexibility and strength change.

These one on one sessions, establishing and monitoring the personal yoga practice will include simple pranayama ( breath guidance) and a personal meditation.

A six session package is recommended.

Yoga Escape

Whether Bali, Byron or Bowral, plan your next yoga escape with Annebelle, immersing yourself in yoga practice, guided breath work and meditation. Don't expect to have to give up your coffee and quiet glass of vino either.

Yoga is all about balance after all! Perfect for couples, small groups and pre-wedding mini breaks.

Yoga at Work

Annebelle offers six week packages for participants at all levels to experience the benefits of yoga. Whether it suits to practice before work or during your lunch break, whether in the boardroom or at a green space nearby, taking the time to find focus, energy and inner calm will be an invaluable experience. As this style of teaching offers modifications for all body types, it is also a great place to stretch your yoga wings if you are a beginner and are daunted by the idea of attending a studio based class.

The Two of Us

Couples, best friends, family members... Having a yoga partner can be just the thing to ensure you keep rolling out that mat.

Annebelle will work out a practice you can share, tailoring it to your specific needs and encourage you to support each other's development as committed yogis.



Yoga is an internal practice. The rest is just circus. - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

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